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Slowly making process

                  Thanks everyone for your support over the last few weeks.

We are sorry that so many items are out of stock, there have been unexpected delays

but more is on the way. We are working very hard to fill all of your special requests and

thankyou for your continued patience as we build our stock levels.


Melisa and Oliver



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So many ‘out of stock’ products …

Well, what can I say …
the combination of ‘opening a new online shop’ and ‘strike at Australia customs’ is not really the best ….
On the one side I have to say … you – as our customer – rock …we never thought that so many products will be ‘out of stock’ in such a short time … thank you, thank you and again thank you.
On the other side … a lot of stock is on its way but as I mentioned it before … Australia customs is on strike at the moment … so all deliveries are delayed. We are so sorry for that.

We have still a lot of stock for clearance … I added many of them yesterday in the ‘Zu guter Letzt … Clearance Sale’ – Category. I will add some more today !

Happy Shopping

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Why do I have to register again?

Q   I was registered on your old shop. Why do I have to register again?
A   We don’t have your password, that’s the simple reason.
It’s a security feature.

Q   How do you make sure it’s me when I log in?
A   We have a kind of checksum of your password.
That’s a clever way to proof it’s your password without knowing it.

Q   Is my password save?
A   If somebody hacks our server, the password can not be stolen, just because it is not there. The fingerprint of your password works only in one direction and can not be used to reconstruct your original password. Only you know your password.