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German Cheesecake without ‘Quark’

I love German Cheesecake … but I know how difficult it is to get ‘Quark’ in Australia. It’s very expensive and doesn’t taste like German ‘Quark’. Today I will share with you my little secret how to bake a German Cheesecake without ‘Quark’ 

As an example, I will use the baking mix ‘Kaese-Streusel Kuchen’ from Dr. Oetker:

Let’s start with the dough:

Put the baking mix for the cake base with butter and 1 egg in a mixing bowl.
Stir everything well till you have crumbles.
Put ¾ of the dough in an oiled springform pan and form it to a nice cake base.

Now the filling:

Put the baking mix for the filling into a mixing bowl. Add 3 eggs, milk and Greek yoguhrt.
You also need to add the ‘Quark’ so here is my ‘little secret’:
For 500g ‘Quark’, use 250g Greek yoguhrt and 250g Philadelphia cream cheese!
Your welcome 😉

Mix all these ingredients together gently until you have a smooth consistency.
Now pour the filling into the oiled springform pan.

Last step, bake:

For the last step all you need to do is sprinkle the rest of the crumbles evenly over the cake filling. Place into oven for approx. 60Mins at 180 degrees.

Once the cake is baked wait for it to cool down…and enjoy 🙂