Halberstädter Kassler Braten / Smoked Pork Roast in Tasty Sauce (400g)


Delicious smoked roast pork, served in a tasty gravy sauce.

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Halberstädter has been established for 130 years and its products are made with only the best meats from selected suppliers. Carefully trained staff combine traditional craftsmanship with modern production methods.

Kassler Braten is a delicious smoked roast pork, served in a tasty gravy sauce.  Absolutely delicious with Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes or dumplings!

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Meat: pork, spices, stabilizer: dipohosphate, preservative: sodium nitite, beechwood smoke.

Sauce: meat soup, modified starch (1414), wheat flour, salt, white wine, tomato paste, sucrose, spices (with celery), maltodextrin, dye: caramel (150c).













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